Holiday Car Hire

Whether you are traversing our highways coast to coast, or you want to rough it in style, we have the perfect holiday car rental for you.

Holiday Car Hire

Wedding Car Hire

On your special day, wedding car hire is the last thing you want to worry about, which is why we have the perfect car for you to rent.

Birthday Car Hire

Have you planned something special for your birthday? Why not make use of our birthday car hire and take a game drive through the Kruger Park or a road trip to Durban’s sunny beaches.

Executive Car Hire

Impress your clients and transport them in style with our executive car hire. Our business and executive car rental services provide you with luxury, comfort and security.

Business Car Hire

Business travel can be quite boring, but with our business car hire every trip is exciting. If you already own a luxury car, you definitely want a similar rental when you are travelling for business.

Maintenance Free

All our well-maintained luxury sport and 4x4 vehicles have low mileage and are in new condition. Should your hired luxury vehicle break down, we provide you with 24-Hour Roadside Assistance.