Applicable Standard Insurance Excess (within South Africa) : 15% OR R20,000.
Further insurance excess applies for cross border travel. In the event of a stolen or accident write off, the insurance excess applies to the value of vehicle purchase price.

Jaguar XE Auto

It is the embodiment of style, grace and refinement - everything you would expect to get from a Jag. And with its exquisite looks, it's no wonder that the Jaguar XE Auto sedan is a hit with the female vehicle consumer market. Be it luxury or sporting style, efficiency or performance ‐ each model places different emphasis on the unique Jaguar qualities of XE. Whether you are travelling this hired car across our majestic Southern African borders or transporting a party to your latest snazzy event, you will not only be sure to be travelling in style, but the party will start as soon as you start the engine, thanks to its 17 speakers, fuelled by 1200 watts of pure power! It's large, lavish and technologically advanced - start the engine, and the adventure, with the push of a button.


  • 231 km/h Top Speed
  • Its 8 inch Touch-screen with intuitive touch and swipe controls, provides you with full command over a wealth of features including audio, climate and satellite navigation.
  • Digital Dashboard
  • New Lighting and Grill Design

For more information, visit: Jaguar’s XE page.