Applicable Standard Insurance Excess (within South Africa) : 15% OR R20,000.
Further insurance excess applies for cross border travel. In the event of a stolen or accident write off, the insurance excess applies to the value of vehicle purchase price.

BMW 320i Auto

A classic BMW offering, the 320i is the sixth generation model to be made within the 3-Series range, and continues to be considered the best car in its class. Compared to its predecessors, this vehicle boasts comparatively increased dimensions, improved aerodynamics and a focus on pedestrian safety in its overall design, making it a classic luxury SUV perfected by the latest in motor vehicle engineering. The bold use of materials and interesting shape are a testament to archetypal BMW dedication to artistry and aesthetic as well as technical excellence.


  • Built-in Satnav
  • 18-inch wheels
  • Smooth, precision-powered handling

For more information, visit BMW’s 320i page.